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Semcon - ABGSC’s Investor Days feedback (ABG Sundal Collier)

2022-05-24 16:57
Semcon has not yet seen a change in customer behavior
The sense of urgency about sustainability is increasing
New project with Volvo Cars within PI
Macro-economic risks exist, but so far no direct impact
ABGSC hosted Semcon CEO Markus Granlund at today’s ABGSC investor day seminar. Mr. Granlund talked about the journey Semcon has taken over the last five years, which has led to: 1) an improved offering higher up the value chain, 2) a broader industry mix, 3) more long-term business, 4) improved profitability, 5) a strong financial position with net cash of >SEK 200m, and 6) new financial targets. He specifically mentioned two cooperations (one with Talgo and one with Thule) where he sees future potential, and spoke about an accelerating digital transformation and a higher sense of urgency related to sustainability matters as general themes that benefit the company.

Increased sustainability focus from Energy & Manufacturing
Asked whether the tragic situation in Ukraine has affected the business in any way, the answer was no. Demand from customers is holding up well so far but the CEO also admitted that certain risks regarding the general economy have increased because of the war. However, Semcon has also seen that the sense of urgency among customers about reaching sustainability targets has increased further in recent months. Mr. Granlund specifically highlighted customers within the Energy and Manufacturing sector as examples of this.

The Volvo Cars project can offset earlier customer loss in PI
Semcon also announced a new project this morning, with Volvo Cars within Product Information (PI). Semcon will help Volvo Cars to develop the digital workshop information for an upcoming electric vehicle model. The project spans until 2023 and will involve up to about 30 employees at most. We think that this project can offset the lower volumes from an existing UK-based automotive customer that was announced in December 2021, which would start to impact reported figures in Q2 202

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