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Första intrycket Spotlight Group, kv2 2022: Ännu ett tufft kvartal på en tuff marknad

Spotlight Group: Carlsquare Equity Research ger ett första intryck på Spotlight Groups delårsrappport för kv2 2022. Läs hela kommentaren här. Om Carlsquare Carlsquare är ett väletablerat analyshus och en topprankad finansiell rådgivare med fokus på företagstransaktioner och kapitalanskaffningar. Vi har totalt cirka  ...

Publicerad: 2022-08-15 11:48 av Carlsquare

Wirtek: Strong Q2 report

Wirtek: Stockpicker conducts commissioned equity research on the Danish IT outsourcing company Wirtek, listed on First North Growth Market Denmark. Another strong quarter from Wirtek delivering upon strategies. Another strong quarterThe Danish IT outsourcing company delivered a strong second quarter and rev ...

Publicerad: 2022-08-15 10:30 av Stockpicker

Kommentar Soltech Energy: Utlandsförvärvens strategiska betydelse

Soltech Energy Sweden: Soltech har genomfört två förvärv som har gått lite under radarn. Vi ser positivt på förvärven och ser fram emot att återkomma med en helhetsbedömning. Bara under Q2 så har solenergikoncernen Soltech annonserat två mycket intressanta förvärv som i börsturbulensen gått lite under radarn: Nederländska ...

Publicerad: 2022-08-15 09:45 av Analysguiden

Spotlight Groups nettoomsättning i linje med Pinpointkonsensus

Spotlight Group: Pinpoints sammanställda förväntningar för finanskoncernen Spotlight Groups rapport för det andra kvartalet kvartalet var 38,51 MSEK för nettoomsättning och -0,53 SEK för vinst per aktie. Nettoomsättning Vinst per aktie Pinpointkonsensus 38,51 MSEK -0,53 SEK Utfall 36,86 MSEK -2,12 SEK Utfall jämfört ...

Publicerad: 2022-08-15 09:21 av Pinpoint Estimates

Gofore Q2: Another solid report with EBITA above our expectation - SEB

Gofore: Gofore posted Q2 EBITA above our expectation. Despite wage inflation exceeding the increase in average sales prices, operational leverage, including higher utilisation, has been enough to offset the inflationary pressure. July sales came in above our expectation, indicating that momentum remains str ...

Publicerad: 2022-08-15 08:48 av SEB Research

Pihlajalinna: Investments are starting to pay off - Evli

Pihlajalinna: Pihlajalinna’s Q2 didn’t deliver many surprises; we expect further improvement to materialize over the course of H2. Evli

Publicerad: 2022-08-15 08:43 av Evli Research

Administer: Lowered FY2022 guidance - Evli

Administer: Administer lowered its guidance for net sales and profitability in 2022. The mid-term potential remains but with the near-term uncertainty we lower our TP to EUR 4.0 (4.7), BUY-rating intact. Evli

Publicerad: 2022-08-15 08:37 av Evli Research

Marimekko: The undervaluation has narrowed - Evli

Marimekko: Marimekko releases its Q2 result on Wednesday. The company delivered strong Q1 result, and we expect the trend to continue also in Q2. The demand for lifestyle products has been favorable in H1, but strong comparison figures, low consumer trust, and an inflationary environment might affect the magni ...

Publicerad: 2022-08-15 08:29 av Evli Research

Solidx: Snabbväxande konsultbolag med god vinstmarginal - Kalqyl

SolidX: SolidX är ett konsultbolag som hjälper företag och organisationer att utveckla och effektivisera dess verksamhet inom IT och digitalisering. Kundbasen är imponerande och bolaget kan stoltsera med kunder såsom Ikea, Spotify, Ericsson, Volvo Alfa Laval, Klarna, Betsson samt Skatteverket. Störst verksa ...

Publicerad: 2022-08-15 08:12 av Kalqyl

Alcadon Group: Bristol fashion - SEB

Alcadon Group: Consolidating Alcadon Group’s acquisition of UK’s Network Centre Holding (NWC), we raise our sales and EPS forecasts by c. 40% and 17%, respectively, for both 2023 and 2024. We argue that this acquisition is value-accretive (ROIC-WACC) and that NWC offers Alcadon exposure to an under-penetrated fibr ...

Publicerad: 2022-08-15 08:05 av SEB Research

Siili: Continuing improvement, M&A could be close - SEB

Siili Solutions: We expect Siili to have continued the improved earnings momentum in Q2. We think that the Core operations margin remains well below its potential and so we will focus on management’s comments on this area. Although increasing macro uncertainty could result in a calmer market for digital IT Services, ...

Publicerad: 2022-08-14 22:49 av SEB Research

Alcadon - CMD confirmed on 29 September in Stockholm

Alcadon Group: Ramp-up of deliveries in H2’22 to Germany CMD 29 September, we expect updated financial targets 34% ’21-‘24e EBIT CAGR H2’22 full of exciting events Q2 was fairly in line with Factset consensus, with the slightly lower than expected EBIT explained by FX losses and revaluation of contingent considera ...

Publicerad: 2022-08-12 15:14 av ABG Sundal Collier

Svenska marknaden stark - LeoVegas

LeoVegas: Sverige starktIntäkterna i Q2'22 uppgick till EUR 98m vilket motsvarar en tillväxt om 1%. Reglerade intäkter uppgick till 78%. Exkl. Nederländerna uppgick tillväxten till 9%. Deponierna i kvartalet uppgick till EUR 319,6m vilket är en tillväxt med 5% y/y. EBITDA uppgick till EUR 5,4m och tyngs av EO ...

Publicerad: 2022-08-12 11:00 av Penser Access

Alcadon Q2: Better on organic growth, delays in German market - SEB

Alcadon Group: Alcadon Group, a distributor of network equipment in the premium segment of the market, reported Q2 sales about 2% ahead of our estimates, implying organic growth of 17% y/y (SEBE: 12%). Earnings were in line with our forecasts across the P&L (small deviations in absolute terms). While frame agreeme ...

Publicerad: 2022-08-12 08:43 av SEB Research

Solteq: Near-term challenges to overcome - Evli

Solteq: Solteq reported weak Q2 figures, mainly due to challenges in the Utilities business. Despite near-term uncertainty, the investment case in terms of focus areas, demand, and increased share of software still looks favourable. Evli

Publicerad: 2022-08-12 08:41 av Evli Research

Irisitys rapport under Pinpointkonsensus

Irisity: Pinpoints sammanställda förväntningar för Teknikbolaget Irisitys rapport för det andra kvartalet var 36,64 MSEK för nettoomsättning och -0,3 SEK för vinst per aktie. Nettoomsättning Vinst per aktie Pinpointkonsensus 36,64 MSEK -0,30 SEK Utfall 31,90 MSEK -0,63 SEK Utfall jämfört med Pinpointkonsensu ...

Publicerad: 2022-08-12 08:08 av Pinpoint Estimates

Pihlajalinna: Results largely in line - Evli

Pihlajalinna: Pihlajalinna’s Q2 results came in largely according to expectations. Top line growth continued strong and certain cost items remained high. Evli

Publicerad: 2022-08-12 07:41 av Evli Research

Freja eID Group Unlocking new potential - DNB

Freja eID Group: After revisiting the Freja case following the Q2 report, we conclude: 1) Freja’s niche Org eID market should be its key short-term monetisation driver; 2) competitor Mobilt BankID still has a monopoly-like position for private users, but Freja eID should gain traction in niche use-cases; and 3) a re ...

Publicerad: 2022-08-12 06:57 av DNB Markets

G5 Entertainment: Worse than expected in Q2/22 - SEB

G5 Entertainment: G5 suffered from unfavourable mix effects and increasing costs in Q2/22: adding market turbulence and a return to pre-pandemic marketing seasonality to the mix and the company reported EBIT 94% below consensus. We have cut our EBIT estimates for 2022-24 by 17-11%, reflecting a cautious approach to t ...

Publicerad: 2022-08-12 06:54 av SEB Research

BB Biotech: Sharp dip in premium - SEB

Along with the rest of the Biotech sector, BB Biotech had a rough first half of 2022: the fund has reported a H1 loss of CHF 533mm, a sharp reversal from H1 2021. However, we agree with BB that the biotech sell-off is overdone and that the sector is undervalued, which presents it with attractive inv ...

Publicerad: 2022-08-11 14:52 av SEB Research

Asetek Q2: In line with pre-released results, SimSports' revenues a positive note - SEB

Asetek: Asetek has released its full Q2 report, with sales and EBIT in line with the pre-released results on 4 August. On a positive note, the full Q2 report shows better than we expected gross margin and SimSports revenue. On a negative note, our current estimates for 2022 and the H2 look too optimistic. T ...

Publicerad: 2022-08-11 13:33 av SEB Research

Plattan i botten - Candles Scandinavia

Candles Scandinavia: 100% organisk tillväxt i Q1Candles meddelade i går att den organiska tillväxten för Q1 22/23 når ca 100% y/y. Candles publicerar sin Q1-rapport den 29 augusti. De preliminära siffrorna är ett starkt bevis för en enorm efterfrågan på hållbara doftljus och att Candles omfattande investeringar under fö ...

Publicerad: 2022-08-11 11:00 av Penser Access

Biden’s $280B “Chip and Science Act” – What is the Taiwanese hedge?

Given the increased political tensions between China and Taiwan, it could be useful to look for an alternative hedge to Taiwan Semiconductor on the US stock exchanges. The “Chips and Science Act” will give US chip manufacturing companies roughly $52 billion to encourage investments in the semiconduc ...

Publicerad: 2022-08-11 10:39 av Carlsquare

Nelly: Major restructuring programme to bolster profitability in 2023 and beyond - SEB

Nelly Group: Nelly's acting CEO Helena Karlinder-Östlundh has announced a major restructuring programme, targeting annual savings of SEK 40-50m from mainly changes to staffing and assortment. The programme is expected to reach the full potential "as of Q2 next year". Based on our current 2023 EBIT estimate of SE ...

Publicerad: 2022-08-11 10:08 av SEB Research

ANALYS Active Biotech: Ögonstudie utöka

Active Biotech: Vi noterar hög aktivitet bland bolagets kliniska projekt och nu avser Active Biotech att fylla på kassan för att säkra slutförandet av pågående studier. Ny grupp startas i studie med ögondropparDet råder stor aktivitet i Active Biotechs kliniska projekt. Bolagets helägda projekt, tasquinimod och laq ...

Publicerad: 2022-08-11 10:00 av Analysguiden

Aspo: Earnings to remain relatively high - Evli

Aspo: Aspo’s record high H1 results are to face headwinds in H2, but in our view EBIT may well stay above EUR 40m also next year thanks to ESL and developments in Leipurin. Evli

Publicerad: 2022-08-11 08:59 av Evli Research

LeoVegas intäkter i linje med Pinpointkonsensus - EBITDA missar förväntningarna

LeoVegas: Pinpoints sammanställda förväntningar för LeoVegas rapport för det andra kvartalet var 103,5 MEUR för intäkter och 11,51 MEUR för EBITDA. Intäkter EBITDA Pinpointkonsensus 103,5 MEUR 11,51 MEUR Utfall 98 MEUR 5,38 MEUR Utfall jämfört med Pinpoint konsensus -5,3 % -53,3 % Pinpoint Estimates är en öpp ...

Publicerad: 2022-08-11 08:42 av Pinpoint Estimates

Etteplan: Market environment main concern - Evli

Etteplan: Etteplan continued to post good growth figures in Q2, but profitability came in slightly soft. Etteplan expects the demand situation to remain fairly good throughout 2022, but we see some added uncertainty going forward. Evli

Publicerad: 2022-08-11 08:26 av Evli Research

Solteq: Challenging quarter - Evli

Solteq: Solteq’s Q2 fell short our expectations, with revenue at EUR 17.9m (Evli EUR 19.9m) and adj. EBIT at EUR 0.6m (Evli EUR 2.0m). Challenges were caused by the development of software products in the Solteq Utilities business and the resulting increase in project delivery costs. Evli

Publicerad: 2022-08-11 08:25 av Evli Research

G5 Entertainment: Q2/22: Challenging quarter for G5 - SEB

G5 Entertainment: G5 reported earnings today which were below consensus, driven both by the previously announced increase in UA spend, but also due to the strength of major expense currencies and a lower capitalisation factor. The core game genres experienced headwinds throughout the quarter, and although Sherlock: H ...

Publicerad: 2022-08-11 07:54 av SEB Research

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