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Interim report, January-March 2012 (Cision)

2012-04-25 08:30
Stable demand · Net revenues amounted to MSEK 718 (721). · Profit after net financial items totaled MSEK 97.9 (108.7). · Earnings per share after tax amounted to SEK 2.37 (2.60). · Healthy cash flow of MSEK 57.2 (9.4) and continued strong finances, with net cash of MSEK 76 (16). Group The demand scenario is largely in line with the end of 2011. The trend was stable in most market segments, with no major increases or decreases in sales. However, Lesjöfors experienced lower demand for chassis springs than in the year-earlier period, partly due to the mild winter, which reduced the need for replacement parts. Overall, the Group's order bookings were weak at start of the quarter, but in line with invoicing during February and March. The Group's order bookings amounted to MSEK 706 (762), down 7 percent. Invoicing declined less than 1 percent to MSEK 718 (721). In comparable units, order bookings fell 8 percent and invoicing slightly more than 1 percent. Operating profit totaled MSEK 100.1 (111.3) and the operating margin was 14.0 percent (15.4). Profit after net financial items amounted to MSEK 97.9 (108.7). Earnings per share totaled SEK 2.37 (2.60). Cash flow after capital expenditures amounted to MSEK 57.2 (9.4 excluding corporate acquisitions). Net cash totaled MSEK 76.3 (15.9). As in 2011, a dividend of MSEK 211 (211) was approved, but had not been paid as of the balance-sheet date. The amount has been entered as a liability and reduced the company's shareholders' equity.   Subsidiaries Lesjöfors Lesjöfors AB is a full-range supplier of standard and specially produced industrial springs, wire and flat strip components. The company is a dominant player in the Nordic region and one of the largest companies in its industry in Europe. Lesjöfors has manufacturing operations in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Latvia, the UK and China. Order bookings declined 13 percent compared with the strong first quarter in the preceding year and amounted to MSEK 351 (402). Invoicing totaled MSEK 355 (380), down 7 percent. Lesjöfors's operating profit amounted to MSEK 78.1 (97.6). Lesjöfors's operations are conducted in three business areas: Industrial Springs, Flat Strip Components and Chassis Springs. Industrial Springs and Flat Strip Components sell to the engineering industry, while Chassis Springs targets the aftermarket for vehicles. Industrial Springs and Flat Strip Components delivered approximately the same volumes as in the year-earlier period. Demand in Chassis Springs was significantly lower than in the corresponding period in 2011, partly due to the mild winter, which reduced the need for replacement parts. However, the decline affected the market as a whole and Lesjöfors did not lose any market shares. Habia Cable Habia Cable AB is one of Europe's largest manufacturers of custom-designed cable for customers in the telecom, transport, nuclear power, defense and other industries. Manufacturing is carried out in Sweden, Germany, China and Poland and sales are conducted in Europe, Asia and North America. Order bookings amounted to MSEK 154 (170), down 10 percent. Invoicing increased 7 percent to MSEK 162 (151). Operating profit totaled MSEK 15.3 (3.8). During the first quarter of 2011, the company recognized MSEK 7.2 in expenses in conjunction with the appointment of a new President. Habia started the year with weak order bookings, particularly from the telecom sector. Demand gradually recovered and order bookings and invoicing were in balance during the second half of the quarter. A new divisional organization was implemented during the period. The new organization provides a better focus on strategically prioritized businesses and markets. Beijer Tech Beijer Tech AB specializes in industrial trading in the Nordic region and represents several of the world's leading manufacturers. The company's operations are conducted in two business areas: Industrial Products and Fluid Technology/Industrial Rubber. Order bookings and invoicing amounted to MSEK 201 (190), up 6 percent. The increase in comparable units was 1 percent. Operating profit totaled MSEK 12.5 (14.4). The Fluid Technology and Industrial Products business areas both experienced stable demand, with no significant growth. The unfavorable product mix in the Industrial Products business area had a somewhat negative impact on the company's margins. Parent Company The Parent Company, Beijer Alma AB, is a holding company that does not conduct external invoicing. The Parent Company reported an operating loss of MSEK 5.7 (loss: 4.6). If you have any questions, please contact: Bertil Persson, President and CEO, Telephone +46 8 506 427 50, Jan Blomén, Chief Financial Officer, Telephone +46 18 15 71 60, Read more at: Visit our subsidiaries: ----------------------------------------------------------- This information was brought to you by Cision,c9250700 The following files are available for download: The full report

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