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Rick merafakta 21-03-27 09:54
Ettårsdagen Rick "Em 21-03-26 08:32
2021-03-27 09:54
20 PM på ett år, kan vi begära att utlovad (Q4 2020) pilot blir av nu då så att vi kan räkna hem relevans i någon av alla dessa utlovade affärer?
Zwipe / Ettårsdagen / Ettårsdagen
2021-03-26 08:32
26/3 var datumet då nyhetsflödet 2020 satte igång rejält runt Zwipe och sen dess har det som bekant aldrig haft något uppehåll att tala om, så dagen till ära (plus att jag vet att HV71 gillar dessa uppdaterade listor ,-) som tittar fram varannan månad eller så...) kommer här de senaste 12 månadernas nya partnerskap/avtal (ej insiderköp, tekniska framsteg eller annat). Samlat på ett och samma ställe. Går själv igenom allt ca en gång i månad för att det dels är roligt att läsa igenom och dels för att minnet ej är superduper.
(ett gäng partnerskap hade man ju dessutom sen tidigare...)

26/3 Masria Digital Payments (MDP)
Masria Digital Payments (MDP), one of the largest smart card manufacturers and digital payments providers in the Middle East and Africa, has selected biometric payment solutions from Zwipe to power its next wave of innovation, according to a company announcement.
Zwipe will support MDP in the integration and rollout of biometric payment cards, and subsequently biometric-enabled wearable devices in the region. Interest in biometric payment solutions, and biometric payment cards in particular, is significant in the Middle East and North African markets, according to the announcement.

- “To continue MDP’s long tradition of technology leadership, we are integrating Zwipe’s current biometric payment platform now to educate the market and get prepared for Zwipe Pay ONE. We are confident that, when that becomes available, we will have banks across the region ready to take the next natural step in payment cards with us”, says Ahmed Nafie, EVP of MDP.

- “Zwipe is thrilled to win a new strategic customer wanting to pilot our current product platform to pave the way for early deployment of our future offering, Zwipe Pay ONE. Working together we can unlock many opportunities in a part of the world that is proving to be a first mover when it comes to biometric payments,” says André Løvestam, CEO of Zwipe.

23/4 Toppan Forms Card Technologies (TFCT)
Zwipe has reached a partnership agreement with card manufacturer Toppan Forms Card Technologies Limited to collaborate on biometric payments card product positioning, development, and commercialization.
Toppan is the strongest local manufacturer in the area of Hong Kong and Macau, according to the announcement, with an extensive customer network of large banks. The company offers a wide range of data management and card solutions, and is an authorized manufacturer in Honk Kong for Visa, MasterCard, China UnionPay, JCB and AMEX cards. Toppan is currently focussed on creating new value with hybrid offerings of products and services with security elements, according to the announcement.

- “Biometric payment cards can be a lucrative product for us considering the types of banks we have as customers, with many high net worth clients. We are eager to integrate Zwipe’s technology including Zwipe Pay ONE, providing a premium status product which strengthens the contactless payment experience enabling more secure and convenient options for cardholders thanks to its enhanced biometric features,” said Mr. Joseph Hui, Deputy Managing Director of Toppan Forms Card Technologies Limited.

- “Our collaboration with Toppan Forms Card Technologies Limited is another important step for Zwipe as we prepare to roll out our Zwipe Pay ONE platform. Working with strong local players connected to leading issuers in their markets will be instrumental in enabling the scaling of our offering going forward,” adds André Løvestam, CEO of Zwipe.

(Update: 8/6 Toppan Forms Card Technologies (TFCT)
Following an ongoing partnership with Hong Kong-based Toppan Forms Card Technologies Limited, Zwipe has secured an order for biometric payment card manufacturing, the company announced. This is a significant milestone in the company’s business development plan to scale Zwipe Pay ONE.

- “We have allocated time and space in our manufacturing facilities for producing biometric payment cards powered by Zwipe’s technology. We are excited to move ahead with Zwipe in this important project to develop the biometric payments market” says Mr. Joseph Hui, Deputy Managing Director of Toppan Forms Card Technologies Limited.

- “The APAC payments market has one of the highest growth rates in the world. We are pleased that TFCT, a payment solutions leader in this region, has decided to step up cooperation to integrate our platform in their payment cards. We look forward to working closely with TFCT to deliver safer and more secure contactless payments with the disruptive Zwipe Pay ONE platform” says André Løvestam, CEO of Zwipe.)

29/4 Asia Credit Card Production Ltd. (ACC)
Asia Credit Card Production Ltd. (ACC) has selected Zwipe to provide biometric technology for a range of payment products and services including cards, wearables, enrollment and customer onboarding solutions, according to a company announcement.
ACC is a Hong Kong-based specialist smart card manufacturer, with an extensive smart card portfolio and a large global client base in a range of industries, the announcement says. The manufacturer has begun integrating the biometric inlay platform from Zwipe into its production facility to prepare for Zqipe Pay ONE’s launch when it becomes available later in the year.

- “We strongly believe that biometric payment cards are the future and there is a strong market for payment cards in the fast-moving Asia Pacific region even in the face of surging smartphone use. Working now to integrate Zwipe’s technology, we are confident that we will have a truly disruptive offering that will enable us to significantly grow our banking customer base in the region and beyond,” said Gary Li, Managing Director of Asia Credit Card Production Ltd.

- “We continue to build our global portfolio of customer relationships, which will be instrumental in the roll-out of future products. The partnership with ACC will further broaden our access to the Asian markets,” states André Løvestam, CEO of Zwipe.

18/6 Watchdata Technologies
Zwipe has partnered with smartcard manufacturer Watchdata Technologies to develop and launch contactless biometric payment cards and wearables for banks in multiple regions, according to a company announcement. Watchdata Technologies is based in Beijing with international in Singapore, and serves 80 million banking customers in more than 70 countries. Watchdata has extensive operations in China, France, Russia, Brazil, India, Indonesia, South Korea and Mexico, according to the announcement, and the company is certified to produce cards for Visa, Mastercard and China UnionPay.

- “Partnering with Zwipe to develop the next generation contactless experience aligns strongly with our mission of continuous innovation. Biometric capabilities uniquely combine convenience with security and safety, uplifting card payments’ experience to completely new levels. Integrating Zwipe Pay ONE into our smart card program will be key to competing and securing future business in this fast-emerging segment.” says Nicole Guo, Product Manager of Watchdata.

- “In China faster checkout in retail is cited as the number 1 priority for consumers. We are proud to partner with Watchdata, a fast-moving, innovative and global organization representing significant volume potential in many countries globally for the Zwipe Pay ONE platform. Together, we will develop and roll-out the next generation contactless experience through cards and wearables, addressing the security, safety and privacy needs of consumers worldwide” says André Løvestam, CEO of Zwipe.

30/6 Thomas Greg and Sons (TGS)
Zwipe and Brazilian smart card manufacturer Thomas Greg and Sons do Brasil (TGS), one of the largest smart card manufacturers in Latin America, have extended their partnership to start manufacturing biometric fingerprint payment cards at small scale and gradually increase production to meet market demands, the company announced.
TGS will integrate the Zwipe Pay ONE platform, which includes Idex Biometrics next-generation biometric system-on-chip fingerprint sensor.

- "We are now seeing increasing interest in biometric payment cards in our region, especially as consumers become much more familiar with contactless payments and demand safer and more hygienic payment alternatives in store. We have worked closely to adapt our manufacturing processes to integrate Zwipe’s biometric solution in our card production and we are excited to take this partnership to the next level,” says Mr. Hernani Finazzi, CEO of TGS.

- “Latin America is a fast-emerging region when it comes to payment card usage. We are extremely glad TGS is taking a key step to embrace the Zwipe platform and bring our collaboration to a new level. We look forward to jointly addressing the needs of banks and consumers in Latin America going forward,” André Løvestam, CEO of Zwipe, said in a prepared statement.

1/7 Publicenter
Italy’s largest smart card manufacturer is the latest biometric payment card partner for Zwipe as it brings its Zwipe Pay ONE platform to projects for commercializing fingerprint-enabled cards.
Publicenter is a certified by both Visa and Mastercard for manufacturing smart cards, and has over 40 years of card production and personalization experience. The company makes payment, loyalty and gift cards to major banking and retail customers in Italy and around Europe.

- “We have seen firsthand the potential of biometric payment cards and successful market trials in Italy, run on the Zwipe platform. With many of our customers asking for this product, we are confident that the partnership with Zwipe will be the most cost effective and time efficient route for us to offer this solution at scale” says CEO of Publicenter, Sandro Mucelli

- “We are excited to work with Publicenter who have strong engagements with banks and retailers across Europe, including in our own home region of the Nordics. Working together, we will identify new commercial opportunities for both companies and implement a successful roll-out of Zwipe Pay ONE,” says André Løvestam, CEO of Zwipe.

28/7 Liveo Research
Biometric fintech company Zwipe and Liveo Research, a major supplier of PVC materials to some of the world’s largest card manufacturers, have partnered to offer a highly optimized route to efficient and scalable manufacturing of biometric payment cards. This is key in supporting the ongoing industrialization of the Zwipe Pay family of products.
Liveo Research is a global manufacturer of rigid packaging solutions focusing on pharma packaging innovations, specialty films and card solutions. With around 1,100 employees across five locations worldwide, Liveo is generating annual sales of more than 350 million euros.

- “We are excited to collaborate with Zwipe, a pioneer in the field of biometric payment cards, to promote and roll out the Zwipe Pay ONE platform that will radically reduce the cost and complexity associated with card production process”, says Managing Director at Liveo Research, Mr. Pietro Parmeggiani.

Speaking on the partnership André Løvestam, CEO of Zwipe says, “This showcases how Zwipe is leveraging the payment ecosystem’s key players to enable best-in-class solutions and grow the biometric payment card segment. Liveo Research is a strong stakeholder and working together we will be able to further strengthen the value proposition to smart card manufacturers.”

18/8 Smart Technology Services (STS)
Biometric fintech company Zwipe and Smart Technology Services (STS), one of the world’s first equipment manufacturers to develop a biometric payment card milling and embedding enabled system, have expanded their previously announced partnership to support the industrialization of dual interface biometric payment cards using Zwipe Pay ONE platform.
Headquartered in France, STS is a leading player in the development of industrial manufacturing equipment specifically for the production and personalization of smart cards. The two companies have jointly developed integrated solutions that will enable Smart Card Manufacturers (SCMs) to achieve a risk-free and agile industrialization of biometric payment cards.

- “Zwipe has been one of the leaders in the development of biometric payment platforms while we have developed manufacturing processes to enable SCMs to successfully reach a true volume offer capability for such cards. We have worked very closely together over the last year to fine-tune our complementary offering in order to support smart card manufacturers as they adopt and begin to roll out cards based on the Zwipe Pay ONE platform,” said Thierry Buisson, CEO of STS, speaking on the ramping up of activities.

- "Our expanded partnership with STS has mitigated project risks and reduced the capital expenditure needed to enable the production of biometric payment cards. This will further strengthen our respective positions in the market and accelerate the adoption of biometric payment cards,” said André Løvestam, CEO of Zwipe.

20/8 Wisecard Technology
Biometric fintech company Zwipe and Wisecard Technology, a leading supplier of EMV personalization and payment solutions, have partnered to support the industrialization of biometric payments solutions. Wisecard Technology Ltd. specializes in personalization software development, primarily focusing on the smart card payment industry. As a leading provider of EMV personalization services, the company will support the co-development of personalization offerings for the Zwipe Pay family of products and solutions. Smart card manufacturers will benefit from the collaboration by having access to a validated and proven personalization process for their biometric payment cards powered by Zwipe technology.

“We are excited to work closely with Zwipe to tap into the huge potential we see for biometrics in the payments market. Zwipe has led the way in establishing a global network of partners to make the launch of biometric payment cards and wearables at scale as effortless and cost-effective as possible. We are keen to support this mission and bring safer and more secure payment options to consumers around the world,” says, Kevin Yi, Vice President at Wisecard.

Speaking on the partnership André Løvestam, CEO of Zwipe, says “We are excited to partner with Wisecard as we continue to expand our ecosystem and our capacity to provide the most comprehensive and compelling offerings within biometric payments to smart card manufacturers and issuers, further cementing the value-add we bring to our customers.”

14/9 CardMatix
Biometric fintech company Zwipe and Cardmatix Ltd., a leading supplier of card manufacturing equipment, are partnering to collaborate on the design, development and commercialization of equipment and modular solutions to support milling and embedding of fingerprint sensors for biometric payment card manufacturing at mass volumes. Headquartered in Dongguan, China, Cardmatix is a leading player in the development of industrial manufacturing and testing equipment specifically for mass production of payment cards.

- “We have cooperated closely with Zwipe through our sister company Silone Cardtech, and we are convinced the biometric payment card market is poised for mass-volume take-off. Our industrial solutions will make smart card manufacturers’ job of producing millions of biometric payment cards much more cost-efficient thanks to the unique insights shared by Zwipe’s technical team,” said Cardmatix CEO, Mr. John Wu.

Zwipe has a long-standing collaboration with Silone Cardtech. The Chinese market is expected to see strong payment card growth with many established stakeholders fast-tracking their capacity to support demand.

- “This is an important step in preparing our supply chain and global capacity to meet future demand. Cardmatix is one of the world’s most well-established high-volume card manufacturing equipment providers and we are excited to broaden our ability to serve our customers with their strong support.” said André Løvestam, CEO of Zwipe.

8/10 TietoEVRY
Biometric fintech Zwipe and TietoEVRY, the leading provider of software and digital banking services in the Nordics, have agreed to jointly roll-out biometric payment solutions based on the Zwipe Pay ONE platform. With the recent surge in demand for safer and more secure payments, TietoEVRY is embracing biometric payment innovations that enable more hygienic, secure and convenient payments for consumers.

- “We are excited to roll-out the Zwipe Pay ONE platform in close collaboration with Zwipe, a pioneer and innovator in biometric payments. We selected Zwipe as the most interesting partner for mass market deployment. Together, we will support banks to roll-out biometric payment cards and wearables at scale. From recent discussions with issuers, we already see broad interest for such innovations. Clearly, now is the time to take action,” says Jarmo Rouhiainen, Head of TietoEVRY Card Production and Personalization Services.

As part of this commercial agreement, Zwipe will provide TietoEVRY with technical support towards biometric payment card integration, enrollment solutions, and a complete end-to-end advisory offering aimed at helping banks successfully deploy biometric payment solutions. TietoEVRY will source their Zwipe Pay ONE-based cards through their network of card manufacturers.

- “Partnering with TietoEVRY is a significant milestone for Zwipe. TietoEVRY’s deep relations with a large number of banks in the Nordics, Baltics and beyond will be a strategic complement to Zwipe’s technology leadership, accelerating the deployment of next generation contactless payments. Partnering closely with one of Europe’s strongest players in payment services, we are further showcasing the value-add we deliver to the ecosystem,” says André Løvestam, CEO of Zwipe.

14/10 areeba
Biometric fintech company, Zwipe, and areeba, one of the Middle East’s leading financial technology companies and payment service provider, are partnering to bring Zwipe Pay ONE enabled biometric payment solutions to banks across the Middle East and North African markets. Zwipe Pay ONE will be a market leading solution since it will combine a disruptive single chip secure element and a next generation sensor with a fingerprint registration process supported by a mobile app.

areeba and Zwipe have a long-standing collaboration, launching the first biometric payment card pilots in the Middle East and winning the Seamless Award for Best Technological Innovation in Payments for that joint project.

- “We are happy to take this next big step with Zwipe, a well-known brand in biometric payments. Their disruptive Zwipe Pay ONE platform and 100% focus on biometric payment solutions complements our strong relations and end-to-end payments offering to banks and merchants across the region. We pride ourselves on being innovators and, together with Zwipe, we will give banks a new perspective on how to drive deeper customer engagement and acquisition by offering safer and more secure payments,” says Maher Mikati, CEO at areeba.

As part of this collaboration areeba has agreed to work exclusively with Zwipe in delivering biometric payment solutions including the Zwipe Experience services to help its banking customers through all stages, from early trial stage to mass market rollout.

- “We are proud that areeba has now decided to roll-out biometric payments and selected Zwipe Pay ONE as its platform for doing so. We have worked closely together to introduce and strengthen the business case of biometric payments in the region and we are happy to see the market moving towards larger scale adoption,” says André Løvestam, CEO of Zwipe.

The two companies have engaged multiple smart card manufacturing partners to support the volume deployment of biometric payments, expected to start in 2021 and grow exponentially over the following years.

15/10 Inkript
Biometric fintech company Zwipe and Inkript, a digital security provider in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region and a subsidiary of Resource Group, announce that they have launched a joint project to deliver the next generation contactless payments experience, Zwipe Pay ONE, to banks across the Middle East.

- “Since we announced our partnership with Zwipe, and as a result of the surge in contactless payments, our customers are increasingly demanding safer and more secure payment options; more so today with the impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic on people’s actions towards the nature of cash. It is undoubtedly that security, convenience and contactless are the future of payments, and banks are ready to dive into new technologies that support consumers’ changing behaviors towards money, hygiene, comfort, and overall wellbeing”, says Riad Itani, Managing Director at Inkript.

He added: - “Biometric payment cards powered by the Zwipe Pay ONE platform are the most compelling way to address this demand, in terms of both performance and cost. We are enthusiastic to take this next step with Zwipe.”

Inkript has placed an order to Zwipe, commencing small scale manufacturing of biometric payment cards based on the Zwipe Pay ONE platform with the goal of launching pilots, followed by mass-volume deployments with multiple banks in 2021.

- “Inkript is a distinguished provider of smartcards and value-added services to some of the largest banks in the MEA. We are excited and proud that Inkript has selected Zwipe Pay ONE as its preferred biometric payment card platform and are now taking action together with us to provide secure payments solutions in the Middle East region,” says André Løvestam, CEO of Zwipe.

19/10 "miscellaneous" ;-)
Zwipe, a leading biometric fintech company, is pleased to confirm, following significant market traction recently, that it has today placed an order for 300,000 units of IDX3405 next generation fingerprint sensors from IDEX Biometrics, a leading provider of fingerprint identification technologies. The sensors will support the rollout of Zwipe Pay ONE to a growing list of smart card manufacturers and issuers in Europe, the Middle East, the Americas and Asia.

In April this year, Zwipe announced that it has selected IDEX as its preferred sensor partner for Zwipe Pay ONE biometric payment card solution. The selection was based on comprehensive evaluations of performance and costs. The Zwipe Pay ONE solution with IDEX’s next generation fingerprint sensor will be released for customer pilots in the fourth quarter of 2020 followed by mass-volume deployment in 2021.

- “Zwipe has a fast-growing global customer network of smart card manufacturers and service providers that have selected Zwipe Pay ONE. Our pipeline of prospective customers and partners grows even faster. We are excited about the strong interest that Zwipe Pay ONE has attracted so far. Working with strategic suppliers such as IDEX we are confident that Zwipe Pay ONE will be the one of the best and most cost-efficient offerings in the market,” said André Løvestam, CEO of Zwipe.

3/12 VeriTech
Biometric fintech company Zwipe and VeriTech, the leading payment and banking technology solutions provider in Kuwait, have partnered to address the growing demand for biometric payment solutions in Kuwait and across the Middle East.

VeriTech is the market leading provider of EMV payment card personalization, self-service kiosks, POS and Mobile NFC and Host Card Emulation to banks in Kuwait. Its vision is to be acknowledged as the trusted banking and payment distributor of leading next generation payment solutions across EMEA, whilst exceeding its partners and stakeholders’ expectations.

Speaking on the partnership Shakeel Khokhar, CEO of VeriTech, said “Kuwait has been a test bed and early adopter of innovative payment offerings for many years. Having seen firsthand other solutions in the market, we are excited to embrace Zwipe Pay ONE as our preferred biometric payment card product,” adding “the urgency with which issuers are demanding more contact-free payment alternatives is really driving interest and investment in this area with some of the largest banks in the region who we count as customers.”

Through this partnership, Zwipe will provide key components for the Zwipe Pay ONE biometric payments platform and take lead on providing advisory services directly to banks and card issuers focusing on user experience in close collaboration with VeriTech.

“This partnership is another big step forward for Zwipe in driving our continued expansion in the Middle East where we have a strong network of technology partners in place. Working closely with VeriTech, we will be harnessing both companies’ unique technology, product and market assets, including VeriTech’s close relationships with leading banks in Kuwait, to offer innovative biometric payment solutions” said André Løvestam, CEO of Zwipe.

3/2 VOPY
Biometric technology company Zwipe is pleased to announce that its biometric payment platform, Zwipe Pay ONE, has been selected by Swedish fintech Vopy, a provider of embedded financial services for telecom and financial institutions. Vopy is headquartered in Stockholm and has its R&D in Oslo.

As a commercial issuer, Vopy will issue biometric payment cards powered by Zwipe Pay ONE and delivered by card suppliers in Zwipe’s network. Vopy’s partner network consists of telecom providers and financial institutions that reach millions of consumers. Vopy is an innovative fintech specializing in embedding cross-border transfers, payments, insurance and banking services through selected social media platforms and mobile apps. This enables Vopy’s partners to quickly scale their financial services globally with efficiency, lower costs and great agility.

- “As a disruptive financial services platform provider, it is crucial for Vopy to deliver a payment solution built on world-class security and user experience. Having closely followed Zwipe’s innovations in biometric payments and their global delivery network of card suppliers, our decision to go for Zwipe Pay ONE was a natural one. We are very excited about our collaboration with Zwipe and we aim to bring our strengthened financial services portfolio to partners in Asia, USA and Europe”, says Håkan Tollefsen, CEO, at Vopy AB.

Based on a unique single silicon design, Zwipe Pay ONE is the most integrated, energy efficient and mass-market viable platform for biometric payment cards. An on-card fingerprint authentication of the cardholder eliminates the need to touch a payment terminal, even for high-value transactions, ensuring a safer, more secure and hygienic in-store payment experience.

- “The decision by Vopy to pilot and rollout biometric payment cards in 2021 based on Zwipe Pay ONE is a testament to our advanced and competitive technology and global delivery capabilities thanks to our card supplier network. We are grateful for Vopy’s confidence and ready to support them with biometric payment cards on their ambitious expansion journey,” says André Løvestam, CEO of Zwipe.

10/2 "the four unknowns"
Biometric fintech company Zwipe is pleased to announce that over the recent months it has finalized four new partnerships with prominent card manufacturers in Asia-Pacific and Europe. The combined annual card shipment from these new customers is in excess of 1 billion, of which payment cards constitute more than 150 million.

The new card manufacturers are working with Zwipe to develop and exploit the new market opportunities for biometric payments. As part of their engagement with Zwipe, these customers have chosen the Zwipe Pay ONE platform for delivering biometric payment cards to the issuers, targeting pilots before the end of 2021. Subject to positive pilot results, mass-market rollout will follow.

Commenting on these partnerships, André Løvestam, CEO of Zwipe said “We continue to see strong traction from card manufacturers all over the world to engage with Zwipe on biometric payment cards based on our Zwipe Pay ONE platform. This is well matched by interest from issuers who are keen to deliver the next generation contactless payments experience to consumers, combining the convenience and safety of truly contact-free with the security of strong biometric authentication.”

2/3 Tag Systems
Tag Systems, a leading provider of payment cards (and part of AUSTRIACARD Group) has decided to step up its collaboration with Zwipe on biometric payment cards. The parties have been working together since 2019 and as the biometric payment cards marketplace has evolved, they are now stepping up their collaboration to bring the most advanced new biometric payment cards to issuers in Europe and North America. Tag Systems also placed a small order for Zwipe Pay ONE.

Since establishing its first card production and personalization facilities in 1999, Tag Systems has grown rapidly and joined forces with AUSTRIACARD Group. Together the group delivers 100 million payment cards each year across Europe, the Middle East and the US. While serving many large European banks, Tag Systems has also grown rapidly in the challenger bank segment, including the establishment of Tag Nitecrest in the United Kingdom and expanded reach by opening a US-based card bureau servicing the North American market.

Speaking on the partnership Jon Neeraas, CEO of Tag Systems, said “After almost two years of technology partnership, our collaboration with Zwipe has never been stronger. We are excited about the interest we see for our new biometric payment cards built on the Zwipe Pay ONE platform, which delivers the highest level of integration and performance. With increasing interest for these cards from our issuer clients, time is right to expand our collaboration and proactively develop the market and accelerate commercialization”.

As part of the new agreement, Tag Systems will proactively promote Zwipe Pay ONE biometric payment cards towards issuers and partner bureaus in Europe and the USA. The two parties have also agreed to execute a go-to-market plan to jointly sell and market these next generation payment cards.

“We are delighted with the renewed and uplifted agreement with Tag Systems, one of our long-standing partners. This will accelerate activities with issuers in Europe and the USA. Our collaboration is now entering the commercial phase where we will scale our businesses through pilots from late summer 2021 and market launches towards the end of the year. I thank Tag Systems for their continued trust in Zwipe, and look forward to a mutually rewarding partnership,” said André Løvestam, CEO of Zwipe.
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