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2017-01-24 01:08 IP: l8RruLm0P
Om Vidhance nu sitter i Mate 9 Pro och Mate 9 Porsche Design (vilket känns givet) borde det ju kommuniceras också. Även om det är dyra nischmodeller borde det säljas ett par miljoner.
Imint Image Intellig / Update / Go ahead and update
2017-01-23 23:50 IP: CAZSuq70G
As it's never pointless to have an updated phone. But I'm pretty sure you won't get Vidhance on it.

EDIT: And to clearify why. Even if older phones get updates to EMUI-5, I don't think it makes Economical sense for Huawei to give them new features like Vidhance, which cost them money. Huawei probably need to pay IMINT on a "per-phone-basis". It doesn't make sense to take that cost for phones already sold I think. And to worsen the matter, it could even make it less likely that you would upgrade to a new Huawei-phone this year.
Redigerades 2017-01-24
2017-01-23 23:17 IP: QGpJM0MHR

So what you're saying is that it's pointless for me to update my P9 (not lite) to check for vidhance? :)
2017-01-23 22:28 IP: tALXlzSa6
Undrar hur det blir med kommande implementeringar hos Huawei; ska Mr Imint tvinga fram pressreleaser i fortsättningen också eller kommer det PM i samband med lanseringar?

Känslan är väl att det var kunden som var hemlig, nu när kunden inte är hemlig längre så borde dom ju kunna spotta ur sig ett PM inför varje modell
2017-01-23 22:21 IP: y+0/NFXr0
Thanks a lot Mr Imint!

I do belive Huawei Mate Porsche Design Sales are marginal, but the Mate 9 Pro sales could matter. Don't know about the notifications though...

Don't belive Mate 9 will manage to reach 10 millions units, the Mate 8 sold 7 million in a year.
"The Huawei Mate 8 was also revealed to have sold 7 million units."
Mate 9 could surely beat thouse numbers, not sure by how much though.

But the P10 on the other hand will probably beat the P9's numbers, so your total adds up.

Thanks for all your work, Mr Imint.

Övrigt: Intressant att notera att Samsung uppenbarligen inte verkar ha så hård sekretess som Huawei. Kulturskillnader?

Undrar hur det blir med kommande implementeringar hos Huawei; ska Mr Imint tvinga fram pressreleaser i fortsättningen också eller kommer det PM i samband med lanseringar?
2017-01-23 22:00 IP: CAZSuq70G
Hi everyone. Here's an update about my diggings into the "secret" customer last week, which is now confirmed by IMINT AB to Huawei.

During the weekend a lot of different sources around the internet pointed out they'd confirmed Vidhance in the Huawei Mate9, posting screenshots of it. So it's probably no surprise that this is the same model I claimed to have identified with 99.999% certainty last Thursday.

I might make mistakes! I look into things, and I report what I find. But I do not use infinite amount of time when I dig into a model. I might miss and overlook things, or I may misinterpret things. A lot of this involves some guesswork, which means it's next to impossible to verify things 100%. So treat me as any other source for information, but draw your own conclusions!

Some people have claimed Vidhance was present in every EMUI-5 (Huawei's name for their Android-7 flavour). I don't have a complete list of every possible device updated to EMUI-5, so I don't know if that's true. But I've checked the "P9 Lite", which have been updated to EMUI-5, and yes, it includes Vidhance-references, that without further interpretation could be taken as a sign of Vidhance beeing included. But I assess that the model does in fact not include Vidhance, as it lacks the Vidhance-driver as far as i can tell! And without looking into other EMUI-5 phones (except from the Mate9-series with verified Vidhance), I personally do not believe that Vidhance is available in other Huawei-models than the Mate9-series as of now. I don't think the Nova etc includes Vidhance, but like the "P9 Lite" people will probably find references to Vidhance, if they do a "grep -a vidhance UPDATE.APP". But I personally do not believe Vidhance to be integrated into those phones. And I personally do not believe that simply grep'ing the UPDATE.APP file is a good way to try to verify future Vidhance-integrations, for reasons I'll explain further down.

I do think Vidhance is present in the Mate9. And of course, IMINT AB have now confirmed it! I also believe (from my own research) that Vidhance is present in the Mate9 Porsche Design. And I do guess (because I haven't had the ability to research the phone myself) that this means Vidhance probably is present in the Mate9 PRO. I guess Vidhance is integrated in every Mate9-offspring that's gonna be released. But I do not think IMINT AB will update the market with separate press releases for each of those. I guess that sales of those "special editions" Mate9's are quite marginal compared to the original Mate9, and that whether or not Vidhance is included, doesn't matter all that much anyway. If IMINT AB could mention it, or wanted to mention it, I think it would've been mentioned today. But from IMINT ABs point of view, they're either all just treated as Mate9 I guess. Or maybe it's because no rumors have mentioned them specifically, and they therefore didn't feel pressed to disclose them. I don't know. But I do think they include Vidhance!

What's next?
I do believe Vidhance will be included in the next P-series by Huawei, that will probably be released at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona 27th Feb - 2. Mar. Since they included Vidhance in the Mate, which is considered a flagship device, I guess (and hope) they'll do the same thing in the P-series which is also a flagship device. Not to long until we know. As with the Mate9, Huawei might not mention this during the release, and IMINT AB might not be able to publish it themselves. But I'm sure we will figure out whether or not it's true, soon after release anyway. Oh, and by the way, as they mentioned in the press release today, they disclosed the current model, "eftersom mjukvaran är spårbar i telefonen.". Maybe they want to make it harder in future models. So, game on.

Why is there (seemingly) Vidhance-references in all the EMUI-5 devices?
I guess that during the integration-phase of Vidhance with Huawei, they prepared the "baseline-image" of EMUI-5 to be capable of supporting Vidhance. So to simplify it a bit, for every future EMUI-5 model they want to integrate Vidhance in, it's now pretty much just a matter of including the Vidhance-driver itself, and it's good to go. That means a lot less effort for IMINT AB for each consecutive model, than what they had to do for the first one. And then, if the Vidhance-driver is not included in the system, EMUI-5 might just fall back to either an alternative stabilization (Morpho for example) or no stabilization. I base this on what I would call qualified guessing. Because the P9 Lite system have references to a Vidhance-driver, but it doesn't actually include a Vidhance driver (as far as I can tell). So I guess this is the same thing for Nova, etc. This makes sense to me, as Huawei can now decide on quite short notice in future models, whether they wan't to include Vidhance or not.

I think the huawei Mate9 is expected to sell around 10M units world wide(?) The same is probably the case for the P10? (or what they name it). Those two models alone will probably make Vidhance integrated in ~20M units. As is always the case with flagship devices, the tech will eventually trickle down to the mid range devices. So may we see a Nova next year with Vidhance? Maybe some model in the Honor series? I don't know. But eventually the higher end of the mid range will probably get Vidhance.

Some other people are far greather with numbers than me, so please ignore me if I'm off here..
With the Mate9-series and the P-series alone, Vidhance should be integrated in ~20M units. I think that'll make IMINT AB financially break even at a license-cost of ~ 1.25 SEK / unit, with a burn rate of 25M SEK/year(?), on those two models alone.
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