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Another blank check (SPAC) STRATEGY

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FINANCIAL GUNSLINGERS up and over 21-04-29 23:48
. Mr`D 21-04-29 21:27
14kr chantilli 21-04-29 21:22
Apples and oranges Teutates 21-04-29 20:13
Another blank check (SPAC) STRATEGY up and over 21-04-29 19:25
2021-04-29 23:48
Correct, these companies are not SPACS,they are however related ,in that u give money to a spac in the hope they will access non listed companies that ordinary investors cannot buy,,,blank check=buying the pig in the sack,,,,u r actually buying into the ability of the guy u r giving money to ,to make a good investment.Both Doxa and WeSc are failures,and they r trying to bring in financial gunslingers to get things moving.
I"m just trying to point out the irrational exuberence of a one day 200% increase in value that exceeds the amount they intend to raise.
2021-04-29 21:27
Fredagsparty med Doxa låter inte helt fel :) Rally lär det bli oavsett
2021-04-29 21:22
man kommer aldrig att tjäna pengar om man lyssnar på baissare som enda syfte är att konfundera köpare och skapa rädsla.
Vi kör mot 14kr grabbar imorgon, fredags fest eller doxa party
2021-04-29 20:13
A SPAC is a technical vehicle as an alternative to an IPO for an existing company.

WeSC and Doxa are existing public companies that diversify their business activities..

Apart from having entrepreneurial visions, there is no similarity between the named companies and SPACs. All businesses are built on intentions - not all are as bold as these, perhaps - true!

Mind you, their vision does not come out of the blue. We are dealing with people that have their merrits, involving additional human and financial capital to pursue a new adventure.

A very important matter here is that their ideas are at the base staked by their own capital.
Then they leave it to the free market to value their intentions.

Not all such intentions lead to the same trip to the moon, mind you. A lot of Spacs are being neglected and undervalued, read: unsupported.

By the way:

To owe a stake in a seemingly overvalued company is not per definition a grace. Somebody will need to pay you that value to turn it into cash. And that someone also hopes for a good return by believing in the same intentions.

Nobody forces or fools the buyer in the end... apart from the buyer himself perhaps.
Redigerades 2021-04-29
Doxa AB / Another blank check (SPAC) STRATEGY / Another blank check (SPAC) STRATEGY
2021-04-29 19:25
WeSC and Doxa had in common the 2kr starting price,then abracadabra ,they both wave the wand of financial hocus pocus ( the promise of buying real estate and infrastructure machines with new money from this promise) The audience is thrilled with the magic and sends the pice to the moon.

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