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But not very likely Imint Image Intellig 17-09-22 21:23
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2017-12-08 19:49 IP: 8gRhDhtlC
Yes, VH is in the P11. But the file isn't 3.5x bigger than in P10. Or well, maybe it is, as I don't remember how big that was. But it's 3.5x larger than in Mate 10.

What does it mean? I have no clue. Could be nothing, could be something. Time will probably tell. Size of Vidhance in Mate10 is about 2.2MB. In P11 it's about 7.8MB
2017-11-14 21:53 IP: 4+twYKX1I
Yes it does
2017-10-09 19:28 IP: 4+twYKX1I
What does your TA tell you?
Imint Image Intellig / Framtiden / Release calendar
2017-10-03 12:43 IP: WyFQAOLpb
Here's a "release calendar" for the releases we know with a high level of certainty that use Vidhance products, and therefore will generate revenue for Imint.

When it comes to all smartphone releases in general, there has been some attempts by the community to compile updated lists, but I still think it's a bit fragmented. The best would probably be to follow the Imint-discord, as there's a #mobile_releases channel there where such things are announced as soon as someone discovers it.
2017-09-27 10:50 IP: ek/aFBG7h
This is actually a configurations switch in every Huawei phone that have used VH from the Mate9 and onwards. But what I guess you imply, is also my understanding of it. It probably tells the system to deactivate Morpho MovieSolid (that used to be their stab until VH was introduced).
2017-09-26 11:20 IP: WyFQAOLpb
A "mobile handset" is industry-speak for a "mobile phone". So yes. 1 handset equals 1 "mobile phone".
2017-09-26 10:23 IP: rjuDl3ILV
Huawei did increase their unit shipments in 2017H1 by 20.6% compared to same time last year, according to Huawei themselves.
Redigerades 2017-09-26
2017-09-25 20:20 IP: WyFQAOLpb
Yes it is, among others. Everyone can actually contribute to this page through it's GitHub page:
2017-09-25 17:50 IP: WyFQAOLpb
We are a few people who have created a site with some longer content about Imint AB, for other Imint investors. More articles are beeing worked at, and help at expanding and improving the site is very welcome.
2017-09-22 22:32 IP: 4+twYKX1I
I don't actually. The last one I know did Morpho was probably the V9 (not the V9 Play). I think Nova and at least the Honor 6X (and Honor Magic) got Morpho, but of the phones I've looked at in the last months, I haven't really cared for anything other than if it got VH or not, do it hasn't really stuck in memory what's the status for the phones that didn't
2017-09-22 21:23 IP: 4+twYKX1I
Based on their selling price. So far, Huawei have exclusively put VH in "flagship" phones, based (only) on the Kirin-960 chipset. The cheapest VH phone have probably been the Honor 9 at about €400.

The phones you mention are in the $140-180 range, well below half the price of the currently cheapest phone Huawei have opted to use VH in.

For their midrange phones with stabilizers, Huawei have instead kept on using Morpho so far (leading me to believe VH gets more paid per unit than Morpho), while phones in the price range you mention here, have not yet had any stabilizer as far as I've seen.

So my guess is that if these run a stabilizer, it is probably Morpho MovieSolid4.
2017-09-22 17:15 IP: k0Aao1A0k
Earlier they could only announced there was a customer. Not which one. But today, they apparently where allowed to tell who, and which product it debuted in.

And as it turned out to be Vivo, one of the world's largest smartphone OEMs it's a very significant event! It's the 5th largest OEM in the world (by global market share), and their parent company (BBK) also own OPPO, the 4th largest in the world. That could be important for the future as well.

For reference, the third largest (Huawei) is already a well established IMINT customer, while the second and first is Apple and Samsung.
2017-09-20 16:43 IP: WyFQAOLpb
Absolutely right, my mistake. And what a mistake it was. It makes a difference, but I still think the point is valid. But as said, I'd still love to see a well written analysis of why the costs seem way to high at this point in time.

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