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2017-09-15 12:05 IP: WyFQAOLpb
Seems like I reached some kind of edit-limit by trying to smooth out all my typos. But I found another (big one):

"Imint AB's expenses increased by 5.433.000,- SEK from 2016Q2 compared to 2016Q3."

Should of course have been:

"Imint AB's expenses increased by 5.433.000,- SEK from 2016Q2 compared to 2017Q2."
Redigerades 2017-09-15
2017-09-15 11:49 IP: WyFQAOLpb
I'd love to hear a well written analysis on why the numbers are to high. The expenses are by definition to high, as they exceed the revenue. If Imint AB had kept the expenses at the same level they where a year ago (-4.953.000), at the end 2016Q2, they would basically be break even now, the end of 2017Q2 (4.909.000).

During the time, their headcount increased from 17 people to 29 people. I don't know much about Swedish engineering salaries, but in Norway, an engineer within a specialized field (like imagary processing) would probably cost > 1.000.000,- NOK a year, social benefits and stuff included. Maybe more if you where located outside the capital of Oslo (like Uppsala), as attractive talent, tend to need some compensation to move away from the Capital, where job offers are plenty.

Based on this, in Norway, such a headcount increase, would cost you at least (but probably more) ~ 12.000.000,- NOK a year (4.000.000,- NOK/quarter). Imint AB's expenses increased by 5.433.000,- SEK from 2016Q2 compared to 2016Q3. So not a lot, when headcount is subtracted. Still, in the meantime they've landed the following customers/models for stabilization and Live Auto Zoom:

* Huawei (Mate 9, P10, Honor 9)
* BQ (Aquaris X5 Plus, Aquaris X, Aquaris X Pro, and maybe some of the four new BQ models which will be announced the next tuesday)
* WIKO (Wim (Live autozoom), WIM Lite (Live Auto Zoom), View, View XL, View Prime (Live Auto Zoom)
* Sharp (Aqous R)
* A development agreement with "ett större teknikbolag i Kina". The last time the words "större teknikbolag" was used, the description turned out to be Huawei. (Sharp was not considered "större" when they where announced as a (by then) undisclosed teknikkbolag).
* A new license agreement with "ett större kinesiskt mobiltelefonbolag".

I think the track record is quite impressive actually. It sure must take quite a few engineers to support all those customers, and hopefully they're still chasing more customers in the same pace as they've had so far. And now, as revenue have just start rolling in (150% increase from 2017Q1 to 2017Q2), I'm very eager to see how Q3 will look. Lot of the phones mentioned above did start to sell right after the start of 2017Q3.

In my view, the costs don't seem high for the amount of people they've hired. And naive as I might be, I'm guessing they keep hiring those engineers/sales-people to be able to support all the new business they're generating, while still continuing to improve their current products, while developing new. I don't think they've hired all those people to have them sit idle.

Where do you think Imint AB is spending to much money? I seem to remember the "TA-expert" "Regenten" mentioning you to be one of the very best at fundamental analysis. I'm not a numbers guy, so I'm looking forward to the experts well thought out and well written analysis on how/why Imint AB's costs are to high. Go ahead, amaze me!

EDITED: Fixed a few spelling/grammar errors (but probably not all of them)
Redigerades 2017-09-15
Imint Image Intellig / 15%-kinesen / Inget om stabilisering
2017-09-13 11:38 IP: WyFQAOLpb
What would you expect? Stabilization have become quite a commodity at higher end phones. You need to have it, but you don't need to brag about it. As long as it works good (and I'm sure it will in the iPhone), the user doesn't need to be bothered. Reviewers will gut you if the stabilization sucks though.

Totally off topic, but as I'm not very experienced at Avanza, what does the "stars" above some users actually mean? I notice most people have 1-3 stars above them, while you don't. Do the stars mean your user have posted few posts, or do they represent something else?
2017-09-04 20:16 IP: 4+twYKX1I
I agree with your point. But maybe you could try to reach out to IMINT AB regarding this, and let them have a chance to take action before you do it this way?
2017-09-02 09:09 IP: WyFQAOLpb
Updated the sales forecast, with the View (Sep), View XL (Oct) and Prime (Oct) models. No official word of VH from either VH or Wiko on this one, but since they all mention to have video stabilization, and one of them mention to have Auto Zoom, I think it's safe enough to take for granted they all use VH stabilization.
2017-09-01 18:18 IP: PlG/51093
They have their own EIS solution simply called EIS. It's embedded in the Snapdragon SoC's. I think they probably have developed it themselves, but not sure about the latter.
2017-09-01 16:07 IP: PlG/51093
With a big emphasis on "believe", I believe they use Qualcomm EIS
2017-08-31 19:36 IP: WyFQAOLpb
Here's a Norwegian article with an embedded video inside that shows a bit how the LG zoom works by the way, they've apparently had the phone to play with for a bit.
Imint Image Intellig / LG? Konkurrent? / Check out some video-reviews
2017-08-31 19:28 IP: WyFQAOLpb
If you check out some video reviews, you'll see how it works. They can zoom smooth, by having a "zoom-bar" at the edge of the screen (much like a browser scroll-bar, you operate with your finger). This makes it easier for you to control zoom-speed, than the regular pinch-method used by most others. It still require you to move your hand/thumb to get it on/off that scrollbar, and operate it manually.

The tap-thing is best explained by first taking a look at how the competition does zooming. The competition does zooming by simply zooming into the center of the frame. Much like how an optical zoom-lens works.

The difference with LG, is that they let you tap a point on the screen, and when you zoom in/out, it will zoom towards this point, instead of simply zooming into the center. This gives better control over composition.

LG does NOT do auto-zoom. It's still manually controlled, and it looks like (but I can't guarantee that until I've seen more videos) it won't follow any object. It'll just let you control where in the frame the zoom will happen (for composition reasons), so no, this is not anything like Live Auto Zoom.

The key thing to take away from todays LG presentation I think is the focus they give to video! This is great! Afaik this is the first flagship that have hightlighted video as their competitive advantage. This WILL BE the start of a trend. Until now, flagships have mainly competed on still image photography quality. It's getting really hard to stand out in that field anymore. Every serious OEM pretty much got the quality covered in such a good way, that there's not leaps and bounds that differentiate anymore. They pretty much all work excellent for the average user, doing average messenger/instagram stuff, and they will (I hate to say never...) at least for a very long time, never be able to obsolete higher end amateur or professional gear (DSLRs) anyway. The thing is, people don't need to buy a new phone each year anymore, just because it got a better camera (the camera in the old phone is probably good enough for another year).

So if still image photography isn't longer the easiest way to win over new users, what is? This year it's apparently bezel-less. But come 2018, you won't find a flagship that's not bezel-less. P10 is probably the last "bezel"-flagship released from the biggest players? Mate10 will be bezel-less, and my guess is, so will every flagship coming in 2018. So what do you compete on when everyone looks the same?

LG have chosen video. And a lot of the industry is guessing Video will be the next. LG have now taken advantage by beeing first to truly target video-graphers. The mobile industry have pointed at Mobile Video as the "next big thing" for years now, and now we (finally) see LG pushing this hard. As IMINTers, we just got to sit back, relax and watch this beautiful competition play out, and hope that WE now have a leading role to play in the video-wars of the future. Huawei have put a bet on IMINT, so have a lot of other small/medium players.

IMINT got it's Vidhance platform. Yes, platform. They have a solid base (with superb video stabilization) to build new features upon. And not only that, they actually already have a very cool feature on top of that platform out on the market (Live Auto Zoom in the WIKO WIM's). There are competition in the video field of course, and if the OEMs now start pushing video as hard as LG have started, more competition will be coming this way.

But if you're going to take a serious stab at video quality competition, where do you run? IMINT already got one of the best stabilization platforms available. They're flexible (ie, not locked to Qualcomm chips (which Qualcomms EIS of course is)) and they're ahead of the market, already having live auto zoom (and soon auto curate) as really cool building blocks on top of their platform. Features the users will actually want to use, but just haven't known they wanted until they see it.

Arcsoft, Invensense, Morpho, Qualcomm all have video stabilization/products, but so far none of them have these kind of products ready (at least as far as the public is aware of). So none of the phones beeing in the planning/making now, or until they have proven products available get to choose them to provide this stuff. It really leaves IMINT in a very good position.

IMINT is a small company, they will not be able to serve every OEM, so there will be plenty cake for others as well. But IMINT have recruited very agressively the last 12 months, and their management is literally jumping with joy during the last webcast when they talk about the future, and the third largest global OEM is already on board the VH platform. That they trust IMINT is a major feather in the cap, and something that already makes IMINT a "look-to" player in this market, when other OEMs need to decide how they shall commit to the video future. Apple and Samsung can probably roll their own dices and do a lot of great things in-house as usual. But for the rest, after the mighty three, what will they choose? Will they try to sign the product endorsed by the third largest OEM, or will they try their luck with the compeition?

One thing I'm willing to guess on, is if Apple/Samsung does all their video-bonanza in house, they won't sell to other OEMs, so they will either need to buy from someone who can sell it (where they can buy products comparable to what Huawei will have) or they will need to do their own things in-house. The last one is very hard, and very expensive for most of the OEMs.

I love LG right now, I hope this video-focus is finally the start of something great. The video-war! :)
Imint Image Intellig / How many models are VH in, and how does it apply to the financial quarters? / How many models are VH in, and how does it apply to the financial quarters?
2017-08-25 14:22 IP: WyFQAOLpb

Here's a qualified estimate. Blue models are confirmed VH stab models. They're either confirmed officially, or they can be confirmed by firmware analysis. Green models are LAZ models. Gray models are "likely candidates" for VH, but since they're not released yet, they're so far only speculations.

The height of the models are not tried to be to correct scale according to sales, I just put the Huawei models a little bolder than the rest. I've used a 12 month sales-cycle, with a 1 month ramp-up of sales as availability throughout the world seems to lag a bit. If that's correct or not, I have no idea, it's mostly guessing.
2017-08-22 15:40 IP: WyFQAOLpb
Was Honor 9 really available in Q2? GSMarena lists it released July 2017 (Q3). Here in Norway we just got in stores last week or so.
2017-06-11 02:07 IP: 4+twYKX1I
We know (the way I see it: without much reasonable doubt) we will be included in the Honor 9. Let's look at the models sold under the Honor line for the last part of 2016. I'm to lazy to find original msrps, som I'm basing this off current selling prices at

Honor 8 / $349,- / Honor 9 confirmed (VH included)
Honor 8 Note / $499,- / Honor 9 Note confirmed for 2017
Honor 6X / $249 / Yet to be confirmed for 2017 (?)
Honor Magic / $699 / Yet to be confirmed for 2017 (?)

Based on the fact that Honor 9 gets VH, it's not a bad bet to think the Note will get it, and that (at least) the Magic might get it if they update it. 6X is more of a midrange Honor, so I'm not so sure, but should definitely not be ruled out I think.
Imint Image Intellig / P9 / Unless I've been missing something ...
2017-06-08 15:40 IP: WyFQAOLpb
.. The P9 have never been updated to Vidhance.. (?)

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